Fashion Designer / Creative Director

Head Designer and Creative Director at Al Aroosa Aniqah – a couture brand whose name rings familiar with Emirati Women all over the UAE – Harvey Cenit never ceases to pique the interests of his clientele, with his fairy tale works of art that beautifully balance the delicateness of femininity, and modern couture’s opulent appeal.

Bestowed with several awards this year, a significant highlight for Harvey was being able to dress up his most recent muse, the beautiful Filipina actress, Maxene Magalona, for the Star Magic Ball 2017.

For Harvey, becoming an eminent figure in the world of fashion is no straight-forward procedure – he tells us: “There is really no known recipe for success. You just have to do whatever you are passionate about, take risks and don’t hold back. If you fail, learn from it, and accept constructive criticism. It won’t just make you better at work, but it will make you a better person too.”

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